Senior Visual Designer


2022 - present

- oversee brand guidelines and manage Junior Designer and freelancers to create a visually engaging, cohesive and recognizable brand across all platforms, including a new Moshi for Educators brand direction and logo

- design, illustrate, and animate assets for digital, web and print use, like partnership handouts, doodle iconography, web page additions and daily social media graphics, contributing to a large boost in engagement (80%) and audience (43%) in 2022

Creative Manager + Designer

SunWest Credit Union


- oversee SunWest's visual brand and creative team to create designs that resonate with SunWest’s target markets while consistently achieving + exceeding campaign goal dollar amounts

- create fresh, original designs and trendy directions for print and digital marketing initiatives that set SunWest apart from competitors

- build + manage the website (mysunwest.com)
to ensure an engaging user experience while
supporting marketing objectives

- collaborate with the Marketing Director to
spearhead future UI/UX + Youth Account projects to promote long-term organizational growth

Graphic Designer

Senior Graphic Designer

Senior Creative Designer

SunWest Credit Union

2017 - 2021

- through these three positions at SunWest, I worked closely with the Marketing Director to invent the creative concepts and brand direction, often using original illustrations + animations to stand out in the local market

- led an award-winning rebranding overhaul and determined the creative direction for three new youth account programs that resulted in a record amount of new account openings

- made each creative piece for every marketing campaign or project, often with extremely tight and overlapping deadlines

- received "Employee of the Year" award in 2019

Graphic Designer + Illustrator

Getaway Design Studio

2015 - present

- create logo designs and branding packages,
as well as one-time print and digital projects that align with organizational goals

- earn new skills as I explore passion projects, like illustrating children’s books, travel photography, designing greeting cards, + dreaming up brand directions for companies that don’t exist (yet!)


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe XD
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Premier Pro
Adobe Audition
Wacom Intuos Tablet
Microsoft Office Suite


User Experience
Design Fundamentals Certificate

California Institute for the Arts, Coursera


For this course, I invented my own app to solve a real-world problem. My app, Cuartoh, allows amateur interior designers to collect images, notes, and links to create cohesive looks and plan for purchases with a budget for each room. I created a content map, an interaction map, and finally a wireframe site map to fully think through the app functions. The final project of the course was a clickable prototype created in Adobe XD. Click through the following functions:
1. login function
2. search function
3. view/edit room function - bedroom
4. design tip - bedroom (sponsored ad based on key words/other saved links)

I'm working on designing/developing more - coming soon!

Visual Elements of User Interface
Design Certificate

California Institute for the Arts, Coursera


I completed a series of assignments to invent an app concept and design my own interface. I participated in peer reviews and learned about designing intentionally to appeal to what users already know and how to guide their behaviors using symbols, icons, graphic elements, and animated effects to ensure they have a positive experience. I'm very interesting in continuing my studies about UI/UX design.

Motion Graphics + Animation Certificate

HOW Design Online University


I attended a virtual class where I learned the basics in story-boarding and animating in Adobe After Effects. I love learning new skills, and now I use After Effects regularly to make my graphics come to life.

Bachelor of Science

Spanish Language Minor

University of Wisconsin-Stout

2010 - 2013

I studied hospitality and tourism because I love to travel and learn about different cultures. As it turns out, I have less of a passion for anticipating the needs of hotel guests and more of an eye for design. ;)

Spanish Language + Culture

Spanish American Institute for international Education


I spent a semester living and studying in Sevilla, Spain. I lived with a host family and learned about traditional southern Spanish culture and customs while earning my Spanish minor.


Reading Together Volunteer

Saint Paul Public Library
2019 - 2020

Through the Reading Together program at my local library, I was partnered up with a grade school student who wanted a little help with reading. We met weekly to take turns reading books out loud and play word games like Junior Scrabble to practice reading and comprehension. We even started to create our own comic book story to help cultivate a love for storytelling.

Event Volunteer

Free Arts Arizona
2016 - 2018

I volunteered to help heal abused and homeless children through artistic expression in Phoenix, AZ. I took photos and helped facilitate monthly special events to create a safe and fun learning environment for at-risk children.

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